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  • "The Canvas Currach" A new book/dvd set out from Cian De Buitlear about currachs. The DVD contains about 40 minutes of footage of the different stages of a three-hand currach similar to the aran style being built. The book then is a series of photos providing a reference for the DVD. Not a historical work, more of a builder's reference but the builder does also talk about the different uses he makes of his currach.Can be ordered at Easons More details to be seen in the Galway Hooker Association's website. ISBN: 0954902327
  • The splendid "British Coracles and Irish Currachs" by James Hornell, 1936. Until someone tells me toherwise, i'll make a PDF copy of the chapter pertaining to Ireland available here
  • There is supposed to be another book in the making by Criostoir Mac Carthaigh which was supposed to be out in June 2006. No sign of it yet.


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